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Aerosol can lids
« on: April 01, 2021, 13:53:58 PM »
Uses for aerosol can lids

Next time you use a can of spray paint, hang onto the lid!   they can be a useful items on your workbench/layout and they're free!

Here's just a few suggestions;

Storage of small items - loose kit parts, electronic components, fish plates, track pins, etc, etc.
Dispensers for track ballast and scatter material.  I find them absolutely ideal for this - just the right size and shape, and much easier to handle than spoons or commercially available applicators.
Mixing pots for glue, paint, scatter material or anything else that needs to be mixed.
Holder for syringe, pipette or what ever you are using to apply glue to ballast, and use another one for the glue itself.
Holder for Superglue bottles, etc., to stop them falling over.

Have you a use for one or used a similar thing as a container?